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Artist Statement

painting in progress Adina Segal Painting.jpg

Transformation is at the core of my work; through colors, shapes, layers, and erasures, I seek a world outside of my physical experience.


I am fascinated by space, not as an exact location, but as a mysterious place, an infinite place of wonder with shifting atmospheres and moods. Moving inward, I create abstract images: moonscapes, skyscapes, and waterscapes. These visceral spaces exist outside the flow of my daily life, for when painting, I enter a meditative state. Following my intuition and trusting when to stop and when to work back into the painting, is contrary to how I often exist in other areas of my life. I am a planner, a list-maker, someone who likes to know what to expect. Therefore, making work in this intuitive way stands in sharp contrast to other parts of myself.  It’s the letting go that allows this work to come forward. 


Paint poured onto the paper moves like a living being, deciding where to linger and where to resist. As I watch the colors and forms shift, I am seeking something I can’t always envision and I become enthralled by the not knowing, the seeking, the transformation -- the discovery. The organic nature of the paint, the way poured paint takes up space is mesmerizing.  I can choose to follow the paint, noticing how easily it chooses its path, or I can manipulate where the paint goes. Sometimes I am instantly delighted with how it lands on the paper, while at other times I am challenged to figure out how to work the marks into the painting.  As someone with a photography background, it’s exciting to work in this tactile way, embracing the tension between my need for control and my desire for uncovering the unknown.  


I have always invited unpredictability into my artistic process, whether it be through an hour-long camera exposure or pouring watery paint onto paper. The more I work in this way, the more I find beauty in the imperfection and humanness of the marks.


I create in order to find what I cannot otherwise see.