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Artist and educator, Adina Segal, fell in love with photography in high school. Watching an image slowly emerge in the darkroom’s warm glow was mesmerizing, sometimes surprising.


After earning a BFA from Washington University and an MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York, she moved to California where she started working with children in different settings, such as The Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley and a two-room schoolhouse in Davis, CA. Inspired by how collaborative and creative working with children could be, she went on to earn a MA in Education from UC Berkeley in 2008. While there, she produced an exhibition of her students' photographs and poems entitled, Here I Am which was shown at The Museum of Children's Art for the Youth Arts Festival and the Diamond District Library in Oakland, CA.  Since then, she has designed and facilitated programs that use photography as a way to develop children’s literacy. For example, students take self-portraits and write poems to reflect upon their personal experiences. Visit MyLensMyStory.com to learn more.


After becoming a mother and witnessing her own sons draw, paint, and play, her desire to try an entirely new medium arose. In 2018, Adina started experimenting with watercolor. Although the medium is altogether different, she continues to seek a sense of wonder, the same kind of wonder that drew her to photography.  Throughout her art, Adina explores realms outside of daily life, spaces where there is room for the imagination to wander and memories to come to the surface. Adina lives in Philadelphia with her husband and two sons.