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Artist Statement

uninvisible01Adina Segal Photography.jpg

This project is about the experience of the home at night.


My objective with the work is to transform the home, a place we are so familiar with, into another world.  I am interested in discovering the drama and mystery in objects and spaces as mundane as a branch, a bedroom, or a half-eaten cake. Late at night, the house is quiet. Darkness can make us feel uncomfortable and disoriented, but it can also be beautiful and peaceful. I am interested in the subtle tension that exists between these two opposing feelings. Spending time in the darkness – your eyes adjust and so does your mind. It doesn’t feel so strange anymore and can be appreciated for its beauty. Everything is seen in a new way, and light is the connector.

The images I seek are more experiential than descriptive.  The photographs are emotive, capturing a state of mind, not revealing everything. Although we experience the dark everyday, it always retains a foreign element. In the dark, places and objects are not fully described. The absence of description leaves room for our imagination to wander, for memories to come to the surface. We can seek an alternate world in the dark through our mind. The lack of clarity in the dark creates moments of mystery, of trance.

I am interested in the subtle mind shifts that happen in the dark, an unconscious place with which we are all familiar but in which we do not often linger. Photography allows me to explore this state and to sustain it. I am using the camera to find a world outside of our experience, something that we can not see in the flow of our daily lives.

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